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When you purchase any private California Health Insurance you can cancel any time in the first ten days and receive a full refund from the health insurance provider. There are no application fees and there is no fee to use our services.  You don't pay a higher premium for using our service at all. 


Once your application is submitted via online application, email or fax, we will keep you posted on it's status as it moves through the underwriting process.  We check several times a day with the carriers to keep them moving along.  Normally we have an answer for you in several days, but depending on your circumstances (age, recent moves, health history are among these factors), it can take up to two weeks.  In some cases, especially when there has been some health history, the carriers may request medical records from your Doctor(s).  Or they may request a phone interview.  These will go away starting in October 2013, but they are still a part of the process at this time. 


Whether it's two days or two weeks to get your approval, the earliest they can assign an effective date will be 15 days from the day you submit your application.  Or you can request an effective date all the way out to sixty days from the date of the application.  Either way, you need to plan accordingly. 


What's the easiest way to apply?  The online applications seem to take less time, but many still prefer to print out the application and mail, fax or email back to our office.  You will need to submit the first month's premium via credit card with your application or mail in a check.  You will not be charged unless your application is approved.







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