2011 Consumer Survey Data Supports Acceptance of HSAs – Neat findings, real data…

The health savings account (HSA) has become an accepted mainstream healthcare option, according to a survey by HSA Bank. The survey also reveals that there are similar characteristics among people with an HSA-compatible health plan:
• 60% are 45 or older.
• 96% consider themselves of average or better health.
• 42% have an annual household income from $50,000 to $100,000.

Kirk Hoewisch, president of HSA Bank said, “One of the primary and positive side effects of HSAs and HSA-compatible health plans is an increased awareness and participation by the individual. People see the cost of a doctor or medical procedure and this knowledge encourages them to shop for healthcare and ask questions, just as they would for other major expenditures.” To download the complete Consumer Benchmark Report, go to www.hsabank.com/2011_benchmark.

HSA’s have certainly made there mark in the California Health Insurance market. I hope you enjoyed the HSA survey data and please leave me a word or two about your thoughts.

Thank you 🙂 Alexandra

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