Why I need some kind of Insurance Coverage

This is my right index finger today.  The reason I show this to you is because I am just as human as anyone else and the need for Health Insurance is just as real in my life as in your life.  I do have Insurance but what really helped the pocket book was NOT going to an ER, but went to an Urgent Care facility in my neighborhood.  The financial hurt was way less than if I had gone to an ER.

My life does not stop because I have 30 stitches in my finger, I am just held back for a while.  I do a LOT of typing each day, so I have had to rely on my wonderful wife that I just adore to help me while I am recovering.  It has been 12 days now and I am feeling so much better.  So the lesson here is having some kind of Health Insurance is so much better than having none.  At least I was given negotiated rates.  That is a plus+.

See you next time.   Steve

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