What Percentage of Surveyed Physicians in the U.S. Have Adopted Smart Phones?

Eighty-one percent of surveyed U.S. physicians say they have adopted smart phones, according to a new Manhattan Research survey.

In 2010, 72% of physicians had adopted smart phones, according to James Avallone, a senior digital health care analyst at Manhattan Research.

The survey also found that 75% of surveyed physicians have purchased an Apple mobile device and that 30% of doctors use the Apple iPad to access electronic health records, view radiology images and communicate with patients.

In addition, the survey found that an additional 28% of physicians plan to purchase an iPad in the next six months.

Results are based on an online and phone survey of 2,041 U.S. physicians conducted in the first quarter of 2011.

As an Insurance Broker ‘blogger’, I found this little tid bit to apply to California physicans – especially!

Enjoy 🙂 but leave me a word or two about what you thought.

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