Guide to Finding Affordable Health Insurance

Health insurance is a topic that many people would prefer to avoid altogether; it is either too expensive or too difficult to get approval. With the government’s current involvement and debate over health insurance in 2011, it is clear that everyone should have access to it. There are affordable health insurance plans out there; you just have to make up your mind that you will find it.

* Ask family and friends. Specifically, ask the family or friend who is struggling financially, yet you know he has health insurance. You could say something like, “Hey, Sam, I know you sure are fortunate to have that great health insurance and I would love to save some money, got any info about them”?
* Go to the local welfare, Medicare or Medicaid office. Even if you cannot get Medicare or Medicaid (medical assistance), ask if they have any information about health insurance for people who don’t receive welfare. Paying a small prorated fee isn’t the same as free, but it is cheaper than paying a regular premium.
* Get a position with the government or a company that offers a comprehensive and affordable health insurance plan. Government positions in particular can have some excellent benefit packages over private companies, especially the federal government. Always be on the lookout for an opening position that you might qualify for and check out the benefits package before applying. Be patient; because, sometimes it can take months to a couple of years to get hired by the government, so don’t quit your job just yet.
* Call a local insurance agent. Explain your situation and see if he/she can recommend any affordable health insurance companies and packages. Don’t be shy: tell them that you would really appreciate any thing he/she can do to help you. Plus, tell them that if he/she can get you the best deal, you will give an excellent reference about them not only to the actual insurance company, but also recommend their services to the people in your community.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I of course would love to hear back from you as to what you thought…a word or two would be fine 🙂

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