IN CALIFORNIA: How the State is Implementing Health Reform

In just one year, hundreds of thousands of Californians have benefited from the Affordable Care Act (ACA), according to a report by Linda Leu and Anthony Wright of Health Access. Their detailed report explains how access to healthcare in California is changing as a result of health reform. The following is a summary of the report including descriptions of actions that the state has already taken to implement healthcare reform as well as pending legislation.

By this time next year in 2012, even more Californians will see additional benefits from the Affordable Care Act, most notably low-income adults getting county based coverage. In addition, California’s Exchange will be putting the pieces together to begin enrollment in late 2013.

California, which has been trying for years to reform healthcare on the state level, was quick to take advantage of the new benefits and opportunities. This includes applying for new federal grants, passing legislation to implement and expand upon federal law, negotiating a Medicaid waiver with the federal government, and issuing new regulations and oversight of insurers.

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