How Should California Handle Eligibility for Long-Term Medi-Cal?

Among the many byproducts of the aging baby boomer generation will be increased need for prolonged health care. As they age, baby boomers will stretch and test the system’s ability to provide — and pay for — long-term care.

Along with that demographic shift of unprecedented proportions, other major changes are coming with national health care reform. How those two large evolutionary cycles mesh will determine, in large part, what California’s health care system looks like a generation from now.

In California, long-term care insurance is expensive and often not included in employer-based purchasing agreements, leaving it up to individuals to arrange for coverage.

Some observers contend that Californians routinely transfer assets or otherwise manipulate their financial status to qualify for government-subsidized long-term coverage. Critics of the system, some of whom have ties to the long-term insurance industry, say California officials are not diligent enough in tracing financial histories of individuals before they qualify for subsidized coverage.

The Affordable Care Act in 2014 will bring more Californians into the Medi-Cal program, many of whom will be eligible for long-term care.

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